Underdog filmfest 2007

The underdog filmfest 2007 will take place from Wednesday 25 April until Sunday 29 April at different places of culture and art initiatives in Vienna.

The film program 2006 consisted of contributions of all categories and genres.
2007 we will again show all films sent in in time. Only films contributed with racist, sexist or homophobic content will be dismissed.

The main idea of the festival is still to offer film-creatives the possiblity
to step out of anonymity. At the underdog filmfest there is no competition to win and therefore no price. But it creates the possiblity to show own works, to exchange about possiblities of independent film making, to create networks and to get ideas and encouragement.
Like in 2006 there will be a supporting program, which will impart knowledge and experiments on the basis of lectures, workshops and discussions.

The underdog filmfest will again organise screenings as "Cinema in motion" at differnet places and cities in co-operation with local projects.
Because it does not only understand itself as festival, but also as an "Open source" acting and interacting while the rest of the year.

Whoever feels like contributing to the festival, who wants to orgnise a festival themselves, or wants to spread the idea of the underdog filmfest, please contact us.