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    Bin Laden is een olifant (Bin Laden is an elephant)

    2:08 Minuten

    Ein Film von KIDSCAM

    Stinged by a wasp during his act in a circus, an elephant flies through the canvas into the air. He is picked up by an airplane, .... destination the Twin Towers.

    The film was realized during a one day workshop, organised by KIDSCAM, an organisation of artists that helps and stimulates children and young people to make their own animation movies and distributes them. Scenario and the action was developed  by the participants. Footage was made using the cut out and stop motion technique.
    participants workshop (school) HH Instituut St Gillis Dendermonde
    pupils 5C: Joke, Elien, Jill, Ireene, Steffi, Silke, Brett, Robrecht, Pieter, Thomas, Amber, Laura, Lise, Lies, Laura, Ellen, Michele, Nele, Kim
    Age of the participants: 10/12 yrs

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    Film (ogg Theora)

    10.2 M

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