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    Belgien 2006, 6:57 Minuten, PAL, miniDV, Farbe, 4:3, Niederländisch mit Englischen Untertiteln

    Ein Film von KIDSCAM

    Three dreams with a happy ending.
    A bewitched girl is changed in a wild boar.
    Frogs leave earth and fly to Mars. Want to know why?
    Riding on a unicorns back a girl looking for her father.

    The film was realized during a workshop of 1 week, with 74 children, organised by KIDSCAM, an organisation of artists that helps and stimulates children and young people to make their own animation movies and distributes them. Scenario and the action was developed by the participants. Footage was made using the cut out and stop motion technique.

    The workshop was realized in collaboration with the basic school Victor Van de Walle in Mechelen Belgium

    Age of the participants: 10/12 yrs


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