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    Italien 2005, 80 Minuten, PAL, miniDV, Farbe, 4:3, Italienisch mit deutschen Untertiteln

    A film by Enrico Montalbano

    A reportage about the phenomenon of immigration in Sicily. "Hurrya", as the film is titled, during 80 minutes looks back to 8 years of antirassistic fights: The birth of the sicilian CPTs (Transit Processing Centres) of which there are ten on our island, the disembarkation of refugees, the story behind a shipwreck, the recovery of nameless tombs on sicilian cemeteries, the incidence of Cap Anamur (the humanitarian ship, which, in 2004, saved 37 shipwrecked refugees in the Meditarrenean Sea), the deportation from Lampedusa to Libya, the narrations of activists, advocates, jurists and of concerned migrants themselves. A political denouncement against a Europe of ethnic prisons.


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    Film (ogg Theora)

    289 M

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