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    Running Straight into the Knife

    Theaterstück, Österreich 2006, 110 Minuten, PAL, miniDV, Farbe, 4:3

    Ein Film von Verena Hladik

    /Das Stück spielt in vielen Ländern, zu vielen Zeiten, unter vielen Umständen.
    The play takes play in many countries, at many times, under many circumstances./

    Chile 1973 / Vienna 2006 - six people from different countries of origin, always on the run,
    always exposed to the arbitrary acts of others, searching for a home, their peace of mind,
    a place where they can be themselves and where they can live their dreams instead of having to dream their lives.

    Der Traum vom Land, wo kein Wind weht, wo alles gleich bleibt
    Jeder ist einsam, trotz Gemeinschaft
    Die Tür ist offen, aber keiner kann gehen
    Suchen, Finden, Nichtfinden
    Sehnsucht, Flucht, Verlorensein

    "/Point of refernce: Me! Coordinate: Me! Point of intersection: Me! Free fall: Me!//
    Look outside the train window: everything is dashing past us."

    performance TWIN VISION GROUP/

    The /TWIN VISION GROUP/ is a collaboration of artists from more than eleven different countries who, for various reasons, live and work in Vienna, Austria.
    Running Straight Into The Knife is its second production.
    Respecting the many differences and backgrounds in the group, the group searches for ways to find and foster artistic expression and to be creative on commongrounds.
    The main language used is english, tainted by different accents, just like travellers from different countries use it in real life. being artists doesn’t mean to have to be artificial.

    Running Straight Into The Knife is a story of many different people in many different countries at many times.........

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