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    Sinfonia de Cruceros

    Experimental video art, Puerto Rico 2006, 9:30 Minuten, NTSC, miniDV, Farbe, 4:3

    Ein Film von Marxz Rosado Rios

    Symphony of cruisers was filmed in the bay of San Juan, Puerto Rico, one of the oldest ports of America. Today San Juan bay is visited by thousands of tourists every week brought by commercial cruise lines. This video relates the encounter of a group of the local fishermen with a full-scale cruiser in the middle of the bay heading outside the island. The group of fishermen follows and run the cruiser almost as if they were trying to catch a monstrous fish. Each player is portrayed prior to the encounter recognizing its functioning and intimate relationship towards the place. The sound was composed intentionally with silent escapes and midi instruments, which imitates that of a whale chant, glass music, deep rotors, horses running, tinnitus and the actual sound of the horns of a cruiser.

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