096 – Nebo nad Rojcom

Kroatien 2005
46 Minuten
Kroatisch mit englischen UT

Regie: Ivan Zidar
e-mail: ooki.nui< at >gmail.com

The Sky Above Rojc is a documentary film that relates to all historical and contemporary functions of the well-known monumental building that is situated in the center of Pula since 1870. The building carries the name of a second world war hero Karlo Rojc who perished in 1942. Vera Rojc, Karlos´s sister, remembers his short life and the entusiasm with whom he batteld during the war until he comitted suicide to avoid the enemies.
During the history this building was a place where thousand of soldiers passed, from when it was the austro-ungarian Marinenschule until it was the biggest barrack of the Yugoslav army in Pula. The retired captain Vladimir Cevapovic talks about the former buildings military function emphasing the artistic and cultural contents that were abailable to the soldiers during his career.
Today the building is famous as the “generator” of the town culture. At the beginning of 1998, city authorities secreed that the former barracks were to be given in concession to members of local organisations, which was followed by lengthy negotiations and the repurposing of the building with it´s surroundings, with aim to be used for public purposes.

These organisations have been active there ever since, in partnership with city authorities. The former barracks gradually comes to life, and it´s birth sa a multicultural centre is witnessed by the eclectic mix of contents and residents.

There are currently 66 organisations that organise numerous axtivieties on a daily bases from 7-24 and inspite of their diversity they dwell under the roof of this imposing building that consolidates over 35 000 square meters of partly used space.

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